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Amazing Facts About Apple Company
Amazing Facts About Apple Company

Yes guys, as the whole world knows, that the Apple-making Apple company is one of the world's largest companies. Let you know, the apple company was founded by "Steve Jobs" Sir. As we all know, during the visit, the Apple company has faced many financial weaknesses. Even after this, achieving such popularity is a record indeed. The world has been watching and watching even today and in today's era Apple iPhones are sold only when it comes to the market. And people also crave to buy them. In addition to Apple iPhones, there are more popular devices like iMac, Macintosh, iPhone, iPod and iPad, which have established their rule over the whole world.

Amazing Facts About Apple Company

In today's inflation-time, almost everybody wants to take Apple iPhone. It is almost the wish of every person in the world, that they must use Apple's phone sometime in life. So in today's article we will learn about some fun and interesting facts related to the apple company. So let's start the journey with Apple since April 1, 1976.

Amazing Facts About Apple Company

  • Apple company started with Steve Jobs on 1 April 1976, along with two of his colleagues Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. At that time Steve Jobs was only 21 years old.
  • Did you know that Apple company started on 1st April meaning April fools day? Does it sound strange to you too, that the start of a big company like Apple was on the april fool's day?
  • You might be surprised to know that Steve Jobs started Apple Company in only $1300 dollars in his own home garage. 
  • The Apple company launched the "Apple Lisa" in the year 1983. Lisa Graffi was the first personal computer. But due to high prices and limited software, Lisa had to face financial failure.
  • You will be surprised to know that smoking near Apple Computers will end up the warranty of apple computers.
  • Steve Jobs took only $ 1 as a salary for his last 15 years in the company. While Steve Jobs's total capital was more than $ 7 billion in Apple Company. Steve Jobs was the company's largest shareholder. 
  • Only 14 days after the establishment of the Apple Company, Ronald Wayne sold his share for just $ 800 and said goodbye to the company. At this time, his share price is about $ 60 billion, which means more than 4 lakh crores. 
  • Do you know, Apple's IPAD retina display is actually made by Samsung company. Which is the most mobile-making company in the world. Apple comes second in this list. 
  • Do you know that all of Apple's iPhone has 0.034 grams of gold (Gold) and 0.34 grams of silver (silver). 
  • Did you know that in the beginning the apple company was known as Apple Computer Inc. The word "computer" was removed from the name of apple company on January 9, 2007. On the same day Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone and showed the attention of the Apple company moving towards consumers. 
  • In the first three months of 2014, Apple's total revenue was more than the total earnings of Google, Facebook and Amazon. 
  • The logo of today's Apple used to be a picture of Newton ever. Not only that Apple's one product name was also named Newton. Before the iPhone's arrival, Apple company would praise this product. But when the iPhone came, Steve Jobs ended Apple and Newton's relationship forever. 
  • There are still more than 60% apps in the Apple App Store that have never been downloaded. In Japan, a man was engaged in 7 months to take the iPhone 6. The popularity of the apple company can be estimated from this point.  
  • Do you know, that Apple has 9:41 time in all its ads? The apple company earns approximately 2 million rupees per minute, almost 0.3 million dollars every minute.
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