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Hello friends, you must have heard the name of Artificial Intelligence(AI). Today we are going to give complete information about this. So let's start without losing time.

Artificial Intelligence(AI) Full information

Technologies that's used in robots, automatic machines, etc. are called Artificial Intelligence(AI).

If these words are to be understood in other words, Artificial means Artificial that is created by men and Intelligence means the power to think.

Friends, the Artificial Power in our interior increases automatically. By looking at something, listening to something, touching something, we think, how to behave with that thing. In the same way, within a robot, a kind of intelligence is developed, which is called Artificial Intelligence(AI).

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a very big topic. There are some research in it everyday. You have also seen Robot Movie, which was based on Artificial Intelligence(AI). Now there are some questions coming to your mind, like what is going to happen in Artificial Intelligence(AI). The future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be bad or it will be good.

Friends Artificial Intelligence(AI) is an Intelligence Power that creates artificially, or if you have a brain like a human in your computer, then we will say Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is used in many ways, there are so many Artificial Intelligence(AI) that we have been using very long ago and many more will come in the future.
Let's know, how many types of Artificial Intelligence(AI) it is.
Artificial Intelligence(AI) Full information

Types of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Weak Artificial Intelligence(WAI):-

If we talk about weak Artificial Intelligence (AI), then we would say that Artificial Narrow Intelligence Weak AI is such a kind of intelligence that can only work well in a specific device.

For example: If your computer plays Chess game, then that is expert in playing chess but besides that he can not do anything else. In the shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, the recommendation comes down, related to your purchasing something. All this is done by weak Artificial Intelligence. And it can not play chess game. Such an intelligence which can only work in a specific area, we call Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI).

Now you have come to understand, what is a Weak AI, how it works and why it can work only limited in any device.
Artificial Intelligence(AI) Full information

Strong Artificial Intelligence (SAI):-

If we talk about human brain, it is very complicated, human brain have a lot of common sense or have such an intelligence that can not possibly come in a machine, but tell you that the machine has the power of human mind Can be made by SAI. Which is also called Artificial General Intelligence.

Strong AI is such a system where the human brain and machine are almost equal, that is what you can do, what you can think of, and there are many common things that we humans are comfortable doing, if all the work is done by a robot or machine, then we will say that Strong AI or Artificial Wide Intelligence.
Artificial Intelligence(AI) Full information

Singularity or Artificial Super Intelligence(ASI):-

Strong AI is not used yet. But it will probably come into the world in 2050. Then you will see such a machine, Robot, whose intelligence level will be equal to human.

If you are thinking that there is nothing else in front of it, then you are thinking completely wrong, because it is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Once a machine has learned something then it will continue to improvement on it.

For example: If we have some computer, we will make good computers and we will create computers, mix them together and create good computers, so in this case, which is AI, they will grow to more exponential levels. And one thing will come out that we will say Singularity or Artificial Super Intelligence.

If we say in simple language, singularity is such intelligence, beyond which man is nothing. This means that once it has reached the level of the human brain, then increasing and growing will go beyond it. In this case, it is a very good thing, we will control very well things, we will do new experiments and we will have a very powerful robot. With their help we will be able to do a lot.

But guys! If the machine has become Super Intelligence, then what will Robot tell us, many of the world's computer scientists like Bill Gates, Allen Musk have suspected that if there is a singularity in the mind of the machine and the human being then the world is at risk Will come in

But if the time of Super Intelligence will came and the Machine started to fall right on all the rules of human beings, then we would say Artificial Emotional Intelligence Meaning machines will have emotion, so that they will be in control of the human being.

Friends I have full faith that you have got some knowledge about Artificial Intelligence (AI). So friends here Artificial Intelligence(AI) Full information. How do you think our article below definitely tell the command box. Also if you are new on our NewsRTR, then you can subscribe to the NewsRTR for similar posts.This article has been posted by NEWSRTR.COM - TRENDING NEWS REPORTER WORLD WIDE.
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