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We humans have become very modern today. We can go out of the earth. Can see millions of light years away in space. We have science, which gives us answers to our questions. Through scientific data, we have also guessed our existence to a fair extent. Earth is our home. Where humans have spent many generations. Who has given shelter in life to many millions of years and has been giving it even today. According to scientists, about 8.7 million species of living organisms reside on Earth. Of which we have discovered only 15% of species. But where did these animals come from? After all, how life started on earth. To go this we have to go back in time. At that time, when the earth was in its infancy So let's move about 4.5 billion years ago from today.

Development Of Life On Earth

Development Of Life On Earth
Development Of Life On Earth

About 4.5 billion years ago:-

a very large sphere of rock was circling an anonymous star. Its surface was made of molten lava and on this it was not up to life. At this time, the rocks were constantly raining on the earth from the sky. This process continued for a long time. After this huge circle of the rock took the form of a planet. Also, this planet has its own moon. This is the same planet, where we all live today. At that time the temperature of the Earth was very high. After quite a long time the temperature of our planet was a bit cold. The solid surface was formed on this.

Nearly 3.9 billion years ago:-

The Earth faced the rain of fire. Which we call the late Heavy Bombardment. And not only the small rock on the earth, but along with it meteorites too were raining. Many thousands of meteorites were showering on the earth every day. These meteorites brought a very special thing with them. They were frozen ice crystals. Who created the oceans on our earth. Also brought nitrogen gas in the atmosphere of the Earth. But the earth was still lifeless. Here the conditions for life were still not suitable. Earth's atmosphere was full of toxic gases completely. There was no oxygen in the atmosphere and the earth was surrounded by seabirds.

about 3.8 billion years ago:-

Meteorites began to rain again on Earth about 3.8 billion years ago. But this time these meteorites brought water and minerals along with them. Which was to give life to the earth. They also transported carbon, protein and amino acids from the space to the depths of the sea. But the temperature in the depth of the sea was very low. The sunlight could not reach here. But there were small natural fireplace inside the sea, which kept the water warm even deeper. And that's where the first seed of life flourished. We do not know how this happened, but in some way all those miners and chemicals have sown the seeds of life by reacting with each other. And before it was born, one of the unicellular organisms. These were one type of bacteria. These bacteria started growing very rapidly in the ocean. Now the water was completely filled with these unicellular micro-organisms.

About 3.5 billion years ago:-

The number of these bacteria in the sea had increased so much that they had become together like stones. Which is called stromatolites. These bacteria used to change the sunlights in food and we know this process by the name of photosynthesis. In this process, a gas used to remove oxygen.

About 540 million years ago from today:-

At the moment there was a new world inside the sea. In the presence of oxygen, unicellulars had evolved in many organisms. There was also only 5 centimeters of creatures in the sea. Whose name was Pikaia. They had developed spinal cord in their bodies. These were the first creatures who had spinal cord and it was also possible to get this thing from being developed from them.

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